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In large sales and distribution networks, distributors face complexity in billing their sub-distributors and dealers in a streamlined manner. To remove the hassle of invoicing mismanagement, Zed-Sales™ offers itself as a feature-rich Secondary Billing Software that automates distributors billing and stock management. Zed-Sales Distributor Billing module helps in streamlining day-to-day business activities of distributors and provides visibility of secondary sales and stock. The end-to-end Secondary Billing Software helps distributors in the following ways:
  • Distributor's Purchase- Maintain a record of distributor’s purchase made from vendors. The opening and closing stock can be uploaded and managed in real-time
  • Secondary Sales invoicing- Update Secondary sales invoices issued to sub-distributors and dealers
  • Sales and Purchase Return- Facilitates distributors’ purchase return and sales return data for better stock adjustment
  • Stock Transfers- Record stock transfer from central warehouse to regional warehouses, from one regional warehouse to another to accommodate surplus or deficit inventory
  • Payment and Receipt Vouchers- Distributors and sub-distributors can create payment and receipt vouchers for dealers and retailers. Helps to smoothen out the secondary billing process that works on advance and late payments.
  • Debit and Credit Note- Generate and send debit/credit notes to sub-distributors, dealers and retailers depending on their purchase.
Companies that manage large sales and distribution networks have multiple distributors, sub distributors and dealers to reach their product to the retailers. Zed-Sales™ distributor billing software controls the billing transactions from distributors to sub distributors till the retailer’s level. Some of the future-looking companies that have used our powerful Distributor Billing Software have experienced the following benefits in their respective business functions:
  • Streamlined revenue cycle management
  • Improved and more accurate billing
  • Scheme management
  • Rich reporting with pivot, drill-down and graphical formats
  • Clear visibility of opening and closing stock
Why struggle with unorganized billing to your secondary sales units when Zed-Sales™ Distributor Billing Software in-lines all your billing worries! Call +91 -11-2550 2183 to speak with our Zed-Sales™ representatives, and know how can this Secondary Billing Software help your industry.
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