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Zed-Sales™ is a Sales Order Automation System well-designed to track the daily sales transactions and inventory movements across the sales and distribution network of Pharmaceutical companies. It is a very powerful tool for calculating inventory control, invoicing, measuring demand vs. supply and updating DSR (Daily Sales Report) of all sales representatives and MRs. Zed-Sales™ is a suitable solution for all pharma companies whether they follow Blockbuster, Diversification model or Intermediate business model. It also works as a Desktop Billing installation at Distributor’s level.

Right from capturing Primary level (from manufacturing laboratories to central warehouses) and Secondary level sales data (warehouse to sub distributors and distributors) to Tertiary level sales (from sub-distributors to chemist), Zed-Sales™ allows you to measure the inventory on daily OPSI stock level.
Challenges of Sales and Distribution in Pharma Industry:
A Pharmaceutical industry operates with a diversified sales and distribution network wherein many distribution entities like super distributors, distributors and MRs work together to reach the product to the retailers and chemists that sell to the end-customers. Tracking the daily sales records and movement of products gets difficult in absence of demand or sales forecasting data.

This leads to losing out to competition as the Pharmaceutical products, also termed as OTC (Over-the-Counter) products have multiple alternate products.

With a large supply channel and products chain, channel conflicts, infiltration and product launch delays appeared as common issues.
Why use Zed-Sales™ for your Pharmaceutical company:
  • Procurement of sales and distribution data
        • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales data
        • Tracks individual products per brand and per SKU
  • Track Secondary Sales
        • Keeps secondary sales data congruent with primary sales
        • Facilitates better production planning of medicines and drugs with smaller shelf life
  • Inventory management and stock transfer management across warehouses
        • Real-time visibility to track inter-warehouse product movement
        • Better management leads to minimizing warehousing overheads
  • Profitability Analysis and Reporting
        • Reporting on which product isn’t selling well, while which is in demand
        • Helps to avoid over stocking at retailers’ and chemists’
  • Price Protection
        • Calculates price protection for each distributor/retailer/chemist/MR
  • Bulletin Management
        • View, edit and manage bulletins for transferring information across sales channel
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