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Zed-Sales™ is a promising sales tracking software for Consumer Durables and Home Appliance companies. The system tracks product movement and sale/purchase of products that happen at each intermediary level. With Zed-Sales you can track your product performance when wholesalers sell to agents, who sell to dealers, who in turn sell to the retailers. Our system captures relevant sales data at all these levels and throws back real-time view on products’ positioning in market.

Zed-Sales™ has helped many Consumer Durables and Home Appliance companies to structure their sales and distribution channel and measure their performance level. This helps the companies to integrate stock movement (from primary level to secondary level and down to tertiary level), stock transfer (from one warehouse to another).

If you deal in multiple products and brands like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions and others, Zed-Sales™ allows you to track multi-product and multi-brand with one single interface.
Pain Areas in Sales and Distribution of Home Appliances
Sales channel of consumer durable & home appliances industry consists of multiple intermediaries. They include wholesalers, agents, dealers and retailers who bridge the gap between OEMs and end-consumer. Chaining the primary and secondary sales data from all entities become cumbersome without an established system. Lack of sales data leads to poor sales forecasting and planning decisions.
Value Add by Zed-Sales™ in Consumer Durables and Home Appliances Industry
Zed-Sales™ value adds in the Consumer Durables and Home Appliances Industry
  • Track Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales
        • Sales across C & F, Distributors, Dealers, Retailers
  • Streamlined sales and distribution activities
        • Analyze your sales pipeline
        • Make informed decisions based on real-time reporting
        • Boost productivity with sales force automation
  • Channel Management
        • Facilitates single channel and multi-channel distribution tracking
        • Avoids channel conflicts
  • Sales Return
        • Provisions Sales Return
        • Provisions Secondary Sales Return
  • Distributor/Dealer Claim Management
        • Track, validate and process claims made by distributors/dealers related to schemes
  • Elaborate Reporting module in Pivot and Flat formats
        • Sales Report
        • Purchase Report
        • OPSI Report
        • Secondary Sales Report
        • Sales/Purchase Return Report
        • Product Report
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