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Zed-Sales™ is an ideal solution for the sales and distribution of any electric and electronic company. It is a Distribution Management system that helps Consumer Electronics companies like yours to track, monitor and manage the sales and distribution of products from OEM level to the end-customers. This includes the product movement at all entities including sub distributors, distributors, dealer, stockists and retailers.

The electronic items like inverters, batteries, refrigerators require large stock warehouses before the distribution. Zed-Sales™ allows high-end visibility on the status of the products that are in the pipeline, available in the market and those that are not in demand. This avoids under stocking and overstocking of products that are often found in manual product tracking.

The system also handles scheme management and calculates dealer’s payouts on the basis of their sale, purchase or both.
Challenges faced by for Electrical and Electronics Industry
The nature of the consumer electronics industry requires a systemized approach. The increased distribution complexity makes manual sales tracking (for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels) a hassle and it led to unpredictable demand patterns.

Companies also face confusion at meeting out distributor’s claim. The data report from many distributors’, dealers’ and retailers’ schemes is not collected properly and results in poor decision making.
Zed-Sales™ Value-Add in Sales & Distribution Management
Zed-Sales™ helps you to track primary, secondary and tertiary sales of the products- geography wise and department wise. It enables relevant sales and distribution data in real-time for quick decision-making.
  • Multi products and multi brand
        • Facilitates sales management for all products and brands with a single interface
  • Distributor Order Management
        • Place an Order
        • Create/Edit Pos
        • Track Order
        • Payment History
        • Order History
        • MSL Tracking
  • Distributor Claim Managementt
        • Scheme Payouts
        • Price Protection
        • Account Reconciliation
        • Generate Credit/Debit Note
  • Stock Transfer
        • Central warehouse to warehouse
        • Internal warehouse movement
  • Permanent Journey Plan Interface
        • Tracks daily movement of sales personnel’s
  • Rich Reporting and KPI Dashboard
        • Pivot and Flat Reports
        • Purchase Report
        • Stock Report
        • Sales Report
        • GRN Report
        • Stock Transfer Report
        • OPSI Report
        • Price Protection Report
        • Sales Contribution Report
        • Retailer Reach
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