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Zed-Sales™ is an agile and efficient system that tracks sales channel movement of Computer Hardware and Networking industry at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level sales. The system uses analytics and visibility to frame to help companies make correct product planning decisions.

Zed-Sales™ suits all business functioning viz., SMEs dealing in single computer hardware or networking product, and large-sized business giants offering a chain of products. Our system facilitates multi-product and multi-brand functionality that allows you to track product and channel movement with just one interface.

So whether its hardware parts like RAM or motherboards (RF boards) or computer networking products like routers and switches, get real-time information on each product, brand and model. Zed-Sales™ Sales Tracking System also lets you measure channel efficiency with detailed reporting on the daily sales, purchase and OPSI data of each distributor, stockist and dealer individually.
Challenges faced by Computer Hardware and IT Infrastructure Suppliers in Sales & Distribution
Companies selling Computer Hardware and Networking products face a hard time managing their line of inventory. When the product line is usually large, it gets cumbersome to track the product movement. Manual tracing of the performance level of the channels involved in sales distribution also gets difficult. In the process, acute visibility on the products at Secondary and Tertiary level gets lost and leads to poor production planning and increased TTM.
Zed-Sales™ Role in Streamlining Sales & Distribution of IT Infrastructure Providers
Streamlined distribution network and inventory optimization are the two key areas where Zed-Sales™ adds value to your Computer Hardware, Networking and IT Infrastructure business.
  • Optimize Inventory Management
        • Detailed eye’s views on the working of distribution network
        • Know how much inventory is optimally placed at each location
        • Reduce inventory and minimizing costs
  • Track Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales
        • Capture product movement from OEM to Sub distributors and C&F agents (Primary level)
        • From Sub distributors to Distributors and Stockists (Primary 2 or Secondary level)
        • From Distributors to dealers/retailers (Secondary level)
        • From dealers/retailers to end-customers (Tertiary level)
  • Improved Decision-making through High-end Visibility
        • Know which products are in pipeline, and where exactly in the sales channel
        • Minimize both overstocking and overstocking
        • Leads to predictive production planning
  • Price Management
        • Add, edit, manage product price area wise
        • Manage price protection
        • Facilitates distributors and dealers claims
        • Generate debit/credit notes
  • Rich Graphical and Pivot Reporting
        • Purchase report
        • Stock Report
        • Sales Report
        • Stock Adjustment Report and many others
        • Download these reports in excel and CSV for future reference
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