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Channel Sales Tracking software is a must have tool for all those companies who have multi-tier sales and distribution business structure. To site an example, most of the manufacturing companies from business verticals like FMCG, Pharma, Consumer Durables, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Telecom, Packaged Food Products, Health Care products, Personal Care Products, etc have multiple distribution points starting from the Company Warehouse (Central or Regional), Carrying & Forwarding (C & Fs / Depos) Agents, National Distributor, Super Stockists, Sub-Stockists, Regional Distributors, Re-Distributors, Wholesalers, Dealers and Retailers.

Companies mostly have effective control and visibility about the stock movement and transactions happening at the Warehouse, C & F and National Distributor level, however, they lose track on the sales transactions and movement of goods from one party to the other beyond the C & F or National Distributor level. Owing to the highly dynamic market demand trends and stiff competition, it becomes very difficult for companies to draw effective sales forecast, plan production & supply with the limited information (only up to the primary level) about the sales channel. In this scenario, they either rely on manual reports & guestimates or depend upon the historic performance of the channel. At times, such guestimates go grossly wrong and companies have to suffer huge production & supply chain loss. With the introduction of Channel sales tracking software, companies get an easy to use strategic software tool which acts as a common communication bridge amongst majority of the channel sales role players.

Channel sales tracking system can be implemented and used at multiple levels and hierarchies within the sales and distribution function. However, it is easy and advisable to start with the secondary sales (second line sales) level where the role players include Distributors, Stockiests, Sub-Stockiests Re-Distributors and Wholesalers. Companies can implement channel sales tracking at the tertiary sales (dealers, retailers) level after secondary sales tracking is effectively established in the channel. Since, channel sales tracking solution works in a web (internet) environment, information sharing & access happens in the real-time. On top of it, it also saves the valuable time of sales executives who spend almost 15-20% of their productive time in creating manual sales reports. It just requires a few clicks to generate the desired sales reports for all the entities involved in the sales and distribution process. Role based KPI Dashboard keeps everyone informed & alerted about their individual performance and related action plan.

Companies can follow multiple ways of capturing channel sales information (Data) while using the Channel sales tracking software. Some of the important and effectives ways include:
  • Use a standard template to capture sales information across all the channel partners and get the same uploaded into the system at pre-defined intervals [Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly depending upon the company policy]
  • Let the channel partners or the sales representatives associated with them punch-in (key-in) data into the online system at pre-defined intervals
  • Get the channel sales tracking system tightly integrated with the Billing Tool used by the channel sales partners so that relevant sales information from the Billing Tool periodically syncs with the online sales tracking system
Success of channel sales tracking software largely depends upon the trust and bonding shared between the company and its channel partners, simplicity of the channel sales tracking tool, derived benefits (scheme payouts, volume/value based discounts) of using the sale tracking tool to the channel partners as well as company sales representatives (performance incentives) and the long-term business vision of the top management of the company.
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